Flu immunisation is free for Canterbury residents from your doctor, nurse or qualified vaccinating pharmacist from now until the end of December, if you’re in one of these groups:

• Anyone aged 65 years or over
• Pregnant women (any stage of pregnancy)
• People aged under 65 years with long-term health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease (including asthma that requires regular preventive therapy), kidney disease and most cancers

Flu immunisation is free only from a doctor or nurse if you’re in one of these groups:

• Children aged four and under who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness or have a history of significant respiratory illness.


Call your local GP Team to book an appointment.

They may be running specific “flu clinics” during the day, after hours or in the weekend to help make it easier for you and your whānau to drop in rather than book an appointment.

Flu-free pharmacies

The following pharmacies are contracted by the DHB to provide free flu shots for people aged 65 years and over, pregnant women or people aged under 65 who have a long-term health condition. These and some other pharmacies also provide vaccinations for a fee if you’re not funded to get it for free – check with your pharmacy to find out how much it will cost.

Other funded groups (as mentioned at the top of the page) can only receive the vaccination from a doctor or nurse.

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