Test your flu knowledge with this multi-choice quiz.

How do people spread the flu?

That’s why its so important to cover your coughs and sneezes and wash your hands and surfaces regularly – especially if you’re sick!

How fast can a sneeze travel?

Faster than any fast bowler in cricket. Howzat?!

How far can a cough travel?

Try stepping out six metres to see how far it is. The droplets we cough can also stay in the air for up to 10 minutes – which is why its soooooo important we cover up our coughs!

How should you cover your cough or sneeze so you don’t spray everyone?

Evil vampire laugh afterwards is optional. The second option is the next best – just make sure you bin the tissue or pocket the handkerchief and wash your hands after you use either.

What’s the best way to wash your hands? Pick the part that isn't true...

Trick question - it's all true!

What’s the best way to avoid the flu?

Getting the flu shot every year is your best protection against the flu. You can also spread the flu without even knowing you have it – so getting your flu shot can help make sure you don’t pass it on either.