Help keep your school community flu-free this winter.

Getting the flu shot every year for you and your family offers the best protection against the flu.

We have a range of resources to help spread the message about how to avoid the flu by getting your vaccination and good hygiene practices. Please download them or cut and paste.

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Get ready for flu season – protect your whānau and community

Colder weather also brings along a nasty passenger – the flu.

Influenza infection rates are generally highest in children and healthy children are the major cause of the spread of the virus in the community. You can spread the flu bug without knowing you have it – and the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions are particularly vulnerable.

Canterbury District Health Board is urging you to protect your whānau and the wider community by getting your flu shot as soon as possible. Getting your flu shot every year offers the best protection against the flu.

Flu shots are available for anyone for a fee from a doctor, nurse or some pharmacists or you or your whānau may qualify for a free shot – check out for more information and flu facts.


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Stay flu-free this winter

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